Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sevilla vs Benfica - Competition: UEFA Europa League Final
Match date: 14 May 2014 - Kick Off Time: 19:45 GMT
Venue: Juventus Stadium

Sevilla vs Benfica 4 – 2 Penalty 
Sevilla Benfica 0-1 Lima scores
Sevilla Benfica 1-1 Bacca scores
Sevilla Benfica 1-1 Cardozo misses
Sevilla Benfica 2-1 Mbia scores
Sevilla Benfica 2-1 Rodrigo misses
Sevilla Benfica 3-1 Coke scores
Sevilla Benfica 3-2 Luisao scores
Sevilla Benfica 4-2 Gameiro scores

Spain regain their domination in Europe top flight football this season as after having two La Liga teams in Champions League final, Sevilla won the Europa League on midweek after defeating Benfica.
Both teams were looking really determined in getting that title as both sides haven won any major trophies in a while. Being slightly favored, Benfica looked threatening early on, but their opponent were not letting themselves being outplayed. Despite both teams efforts in searching for goals, their tight battle forced them to have more concern on keeping each others out instead of scoring.
This situation eventually forced that final match to end in a goalless draw as both teams failed to score during the full 90 minutes plus. The was was decided on penalty shoot out which Sevilla had more luck on as they converted all four of their shots, while Benfica missed two of them.

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