Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hagueyen to Arsenal for 27 million Euros

Spanish media reported on Thursday that the Argentinian international front line player Gonzalo Higuain is planning to leave Real Madrid and joining Arsenal.

Reports indicated that Arsenal will pay 27 million euros (35 million dollars) to join Hagueyen (25 years old,) who joined Real Madrid coming from River Plate in 2007.

Higuain did not receive wide popularity among the fans of the Royal Club, and he, explicitly, declared his desire to leave the team in May of  last year after being targeted badly by the fans.

In addition to this, Hagueyen's father, Jorge Higuain said: "We've got permission from Real Madrid to negotiate directly with Arsenal and, fortunately, I'll see my son soon in the Premier League."
Similarly, the other attacker, Jose Kayekhoun, intends to leave Real Madrid as well and join Napoli, through a possible deal, which could see the transition of the Uruguayan attacker, Edenson Cavani to Royal Club.

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